Blood Analysis

Routine blood testing is available through our naturopathic doctor, and many tests are available to help understand health conditions, such as iron-deficiency anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, diabetes, and dyslipidemia cholesterol levels. 

These services are not covered by OHIP and are paid out of pocket, or may be covered by some insurance plans.

These tests can include checking nutrient status, as well as markers and diagnostics for diseases. 

Lab requisitions are paid for at the clinic and are taken to the laboratory to complete the blood draw.

Blood samples are not taken at the clinic. Results are typically received within 2-5 days and an appointment is often needed to discuss your results. 

Blood testing is used to help look at health trends and to prevent disease onset.

Unlike mainstream medicine, which attempts to diagnose disease, blood levels are looked at through a preventative-health lens and are thoroughly discussed with patients in person.

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