Nutrition Packages

Verdure’s Nutrition Packages are offered by our nutritionists:

Holly Bradich, BSc, RNCP  include:

“Tune in & Tune up” – 4 week nutrition and food sensitivity bundle – includes initial assessment, coaching, food sensitivity blood testing, and meal plan – to help you tune into your body, and dive deeper into optimal digestive health.  

“Mindful Wellness” – 8 week comprehensive nutrition coaching –  focused on mindful eating, and mental health, targeted vitamin support, unlimited access to email correspondence, and bi-weekly coaching sessions. 

Taryn Guzik, BA, RNCP include:

“Heal Your Period” Package – 3 month fertility focused package to optimize women’s hormonal health including initial nutrition consultation, targeted vitamin support, fertility meal plan, and bi-weekly coaching. 

These packages are best for those that are motivated to make long-lasting changes, and want continued guidance through that process. Creating nutrition and dietary changes is a challenge, and for some people it is easier when you have accountability through that process. 

For information about package specifics, or prices please contact us.

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