Nutrition Packages

Verdure’s Nutrition Packages are offered by our nutritionists:

Holly Bradich, BSc, RNCP  include:

Burnout Recovery Package

3 month fast track to success!

This deep dive coaching package is designed to help you get to the root cause of your body’s imbalances through in-depth and individualized consultations.

No more band aid solutions – we treat the root cause using functional nutrition.

This package sets you up for success by holding you accountable while we work on your health goals together.

Life happens – get the support and accountability you need to keep moving towards your goals even when it gets tough.

Many clients notice significant improvements in their energy, mood and metabolism in as little as three months.


  • Finally waking up feeling rested, happy & calm
  • Enjoying food again without the guilt & still hit your goals
  • Resetting your metabolism without strict diets or detoxes
  • Balanced moods and regular, pain free cycles
  • Boundless energy & maximized brain power

Your personalized package includes:

    • 12 weeks of nutrition coaching support that get to the root cause of your concerns
    • Initial 60 minute nutrition consultation that can be done in-person, over the phone or video call
      • Including a deep dive into your medical history and current health concerns to discover the root causes of your health issues
    •  Five 30 minute accountability sessions to keep you on track – every two weeks
      • Includes adjustments to your personalized protocol

Personalized wellness protocol including:

    • Simple dietary changes: still enjoy your favourite foods
    • Delicious, allergen-friendly recipes
    • No strict meal plan
    • Custom, science-based supplement protocol
    • Lifestyle changes: stress management, mindfulness and movement practice
    • Journal prompts: uncovering limiting beliefs and break free of diet culture’s myths
    • Jane client portal to access all recommendations


Add-ons: functional hormone testing with Dr. Kristin Spark


Taryn Guzik, BA, RNCP Packages

“Heal Your Period” Package

A 3 month fertility focused package to optimize women’s hormonal health including initial nutrition consultation, targeted vitamin support, fertility meal plan, and bi-weekly coaching. 

What’s Included
– WEEK 1: Initial intake (60 minute appointment) & 2 week Meal Plan
– WEEK 2: Phone/video check-in (15 minutes)

– WEEK 4: Follow up appointment (30 minutes)

– WEEK 6: Phone/video check-in (15 minutes)

– WEEK 10: Follow up appointment (30 minutes)

– WEEK 12: Final appointment (15-30 minutes)

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