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Naturopathic medicine uses natural treatments for the whole person.

Naturopathic medicine addresses many aspects of health such as lifestyle, dietary and nutrition, physical, mental and emotional factors.

It aims to preventing disease, manage medical conditions by addressing root causes and finding optimal wellness.

Health Assessment

Dr. Spark, ND reviews your medical history and health goals using a whole-person approach, to learn more about your physical symptoms, as well as mental and emotional aspects of health.

Dr. Sparks, ND frequently uses fucntional testing to determine root causes of health concerns so that she can build a science based, effective treatment protocol.

Initial appointments may also include physical examinations

If warranted, a diagnosis may be provided along with an evidenced based treatment protocol.

Nutrition Consulting

Each person requires a unique nutrition assessment.

Naturopathic nutrition consultations review your current dietary preferences and food intake, and also your medical goals. A nutrition strategy, medical diets, or functional nutrition plan is provided to support you.

Dr. Kristin Spark, ND is certified in sports nutrition and offers sport nutrition guidance for atheletes. It’s important that atheletes fuel their workouts and ensure proper nutrition for recovery. 


Dr. Spark, ND offers a variety of acupuncture services including traditional chinese medicine, trigger point dry needling, and facial rejuvenation acupuncture.

Botanical Compounding

Naturopathic doctors are trained in botanical medicine and phytotherapy, and use this form of medicine to support patients.

Dr. Spark, ND uses a combination of professional line herbal supplements as well as custom botanical tincutres. Plant medicines are customized to your needs, and come in a variety of forms including pills, tincture liquids, and teas.

B12 Injections

Intramuscular B12 injections may be required for some patients who have experienced a B12 deficiency, who have signs of deficiency, or who have a medical condition that warrants this therapy.

Prescription Compounding

Dr. Spark, ND is licensed to prescribe certain restricted substances including bioidentical hormone therapy and therapeutic dose vitamin therapy. This is a service that is available to patients only.

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