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At Verdure we offer several food sensitivity testing options. 

Our options range from blood IgG antibody testing to MSAS bio-meridian assessments. 

Food Sensitivity IgG antibody testing

Food sensitivity testing assesses non-allergy based food problems, looking at sensitivities and not allergies.

These food sensitivity tests measure an immune antigen in the blood called IgG.

IgG blood testing assesses inflammatory reactions to foods and relies on a simple blood draw. This blood draw is done in offer via a finger prick test, and is relatively simple to complete. Testing results are received within 1-2 weeks.

This testing is available through naturopath Dr. Kristin Spark, ND.

Western medicine uses IgE testing for food allergies.

Allergy testing is usually performed by an allergist physician and is commonly done through skin prick testing and is measuring an IgE, immediate response that can be severe.

Both IgG blood testing and bio-meridian testing are available at Verdure.

Our nutrition team strives to offer the best option available to you, and is more than happy to discuss your options.



Biomeridian testing is offered by nutritionist Melanie Thomas, and uses a gentle probe and bar system.

Every food has an energetic signal. The software we use has a energetic signal for each food in the database.

One by one we send a current through your body that matches this energetic signal fo the food in question. The current should flow freely through your body and back into the machine.

If your body resists the current it flags it as a sensitivity. 

This testing offers immediate responses and answers to your food and digestive difficulties. At the end of your appointment you leave with a comprehensive print out of your senistivities.

Because this testing is gentle and non-invasive it is safe and effective for even very young children.

For information about food sensitivity, pricing, or to determine which option is best for you, please contact us.

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