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Verdure’s nutritionists offer food sensitivity testing options.  Our options range from blood IgG antibody testing to MSAS bio-meridian assessments. 

Food sensitivity testing assesses non-allergy based food problems, looking at sensitivities and not allergies. Allergy testing is usually performed by an Allergist Physician and is commonly done through skin prick testing. 

Both blood testing, and bio-meridian testing are available at Verdure. Our nutrition team strives to offer the best option available to you, and is more than welcome to discussing your options.

MSAS testing is best for those that are very young, are sensitive to blood testing, and results are discussed within the appointment.  MSAS testing using a bio-meridian energetic assessment using a skin probe and rod system. This testing is available through Melanie Thomas, ROHP, RNCP. 

IgG Blood testing assesses inflammatory reactions to foods and relies on a simple blood draw. This blood draw is done in offer via a finger prick test, and is relatively simple to complete. Testing results are received within 1-2 weeks. This testing is available through Holly Bradich, BSc, RNCP.

Health Testing Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivity testing is different than food allergy and food intolerance testing. If you suspect certain foods might be bothering you, it’s worthwhile to discuss food sensitivity testing with your practitioner. Food sensitivity testing identifies which foods are causing a problem in your body using a variety of methods. At Verdure we offer options to suit your needs.  

Our Nutrition team, and Naturopathic Medicine team offer food sensitivity testing. Options vary from blood testing, or energetic biofeedback testing, depending on the practitioner.

IgG Antibody testing – offered by our Naturopathic Doctor and Nutritionists requires a blood sample be taken to assess which foods are causing inflammatory delayed hypersensitivities. This testing has a turn around time of approximately two weeks. 

Biofeedback testing – offered by our Nutrition team uses a probe and bar system to gently assess specific points. This testing offers immediate responses and answers to your food and digestive difficulties. 

For information about food sensitivity, pricing, or to determine which option is best for you, please contact us.

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