Health Testing

At Verdure we believe in getting to the root cause of illness. We offer a variety of medical assessments and functional medicine testing options to patients. Health testing is an invaluable way to discover more about the causes of illness and is only used when indicated. 

Gut Health

Digestive health testing includes a variety of options for multiple conditions, including functional medicine testing, food testing, and more. Learn more about our offerings, and what is right for you!


Hormonal health testing for adrenals, metabolic, thyroid hormones, sex hormones for both men and women are available. Achieve optimal hormonal health with the ability to look deeper inside the body. Learn more!

Blood Analysis

Routine blood work testing is available by our naturopathic doctor. Assessments are useful for energy levels, nutrient deficiencies, screening for conditions and monitoring diseases. Learn more!

Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivity testing is a valuable service for many conditions. We offer a variety of food sensitivity testing options to suit your needs. We have options available for pediatrics, children and teens, and adults.

Mood and Behaviour

Functional medicine testing options are available for mood and behavioural conditions such as ADHD and autism. Learn more!

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