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Initial Visit Naturopathic Service

1 hour long, and include a comprehensive health assessment, and division of a health plan. Initial visits are required for all patients. Legally, without proper assessment and consultation, treatment can not be provided. 

Follow Up Naturopathic Service – 60 minutes

Follow Up Naturopathic Service – 30 minutes

Initial Naturopathic Visit Baby (5 years and under)

Initial visit includes a comprehensive health assessment, and division of a health plan. Initial visits are required for all patients. Legally, without proper assessment and consultation, treatment can not be provided.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM acupuncture involves uses fine needles inserted through the skin to stimulate energetic pathways, stimulating the nervous system.  This treatment is most often used for mood imbalances, stress management, digestion, hormonal imbalances, fertility and neonatal care.

Myofascial Acupuncture Release Therapy

Dr. Kristin Spark, ND finds this treatment modality significantly reduces pain and helps with chronic injuries. Trigger points are stimulated with needles, to elicit a localized neurological response, and reflexive relaxation of tight, sore, aching muscles.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Very fine needle are inserted into the body and into the face. This technique offers a natural approach to address your cosmetic concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, baggy eyes, crows feet, laugh lines, etc. Typically 6-10 treatments are required over 2-3 months, beyond which maintenance treatments may be required every few months. Treatment lengths are 1 hour, 15 minutes in duration.

Body Fat Analysis

The Skulpt assessment tool is used to take a body fat measurement of the upper arm, quadricep and abdomen which provides a global assessment of body composition.  This is a superior way to measure body fat over weight scales and hand-held devices.

Cupping Therapy

A traditional Chinese practise that uses spherical “cups” to create a vacuum on the skin, lifting the skin and underlying tissues.  Traditionally, this practise is used for relieving stagnation, such as respiratory congestion (Ie. common cold, pneumonia). The practise is also used to bring blood flow to the area, move lymph fluid, stimulate the nervous system and relax sore muscles. 30 minute sessions are offered.

B12 Injection

Dr. Spark offers B12 injections to existing clients.

A B12 injection can be added on to any appointment type.

B12 injections can help increase energy and improve mood and are helpful for those with conditions that affect their absorption of nutrients including IBD, Celiac disease and Crohn’s disease.


Kristin also offers a variety of tests including:

  • Food sensitivity antibody testing (+/- candida testing)
  • Serum blood testing
  • Saliva adrenal health
  • Saliva hormone testing
  • Urinary hormone metabolite testing
  • Heavy metal testing – hair and urine
  • Thyroid panels
  • Organic acid testing
  • Stool testing: bacteria, yeast and parasites

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About Kristin

Dr. Kristin Spark, Naturopathic Doctor loves seeing her patients succeed. She believes that when you have your health you can grow into your best self!

She believes in providing high quality medical care, focused on finding root causes of conditions, and offering evidence-informed treatment options. Education is a passion of Kristin’s, and she strives to help all her patients understand their body, and move beyond their obstacles. Dr. Kristin Spark, ND has a special interest in treating digestive and hormonal health conditions, and loves to work with active and motivated individuals ready for change.


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