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Naturopathic consultations:

Together, working one-on-one, we will complete a comprehensive health history assessment, physical exams, review of required testing, and then start to outline your treatment plan.

This is a thorough conversation where you are involved in designing your treatment plan, together. We will discuss nutrition and lifestyle changes, testing options, and personalized supplement protocols (if indicated).


Gut Health:

Dr. Kristin Spark ND has a focus area in digestive health, and a passion for uncovering the root causes of gut health concerns using an evidence informed approach. She uses a variety of health tests – blood, stool, breath testing to assess for concerns such as IBS, IBD, heartburn and GERD, food sensitivities, parasite, SIBO, and chronic constipation.

Hormone Health:

Dr. Kristin Spark ND has a focus area in hormonal health and is passionate about supporting both men and women through hormone transitions in life – from PMS, PMDD, PCOS, pregnancy, perimenopause, testosterone problems, thyroid problems, and menopause. She routinely uses testing to inform her hormone treatment protocols.

Dr. Kristin Spark ND is licensed under the CONO to prescribe bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (using estrogen and progesterone hormones), as well as natural desiccated thyroid prescriptions.


Acupuncture can be useful for facial rejuvenation, fertility, chronic pain, headaches, sore and tight muscles, painful periods, stress and more!

Dr. Kristin, ND uses a traditional Chinese medicine approach, as well as trigger point myofascial release therapy technique. She honed her skills in this technique during her time in sports medicine clinics.

She has completed additional certification to offer facial rejuvenation acupuncture, and incorporates this cosmetic technique into her practice.

Vitamin Injections:

Dr. Kristin Spark, ND is licensed to offer vitamin injections done intramuscularly (Not intravenously). She offers B12, folate, and vitamin D injections for clients that have deficiencies, and may require this type of support.

Functional Testing:

Dr. Kristin Spark, ND believes in the guiding principle “Test don’t guess”, and therefore she routinely orders tests to assist with a proper diagnosis of health conditions. These tests are used to guide her treatment plans and to monitor their effectiveness.

She uses a variety of testing options, most commonly blood tests, stool tests, hormone tests, and breath testing, assessing for nutritional deficiencies, hormone problems, metabolism, gut health, and more!

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About Kristin

Dr. Kristin Spark, Naturopathic Doctor loves seeing her patients succeed. She believes that when you have your health you can grow into your best self!

She believes in providing high quality medical care, focused on finding root causes of conditions, and offering evidence-informed treatment options. Education is a passion of Kristin’s, and she strives to help all her patients understand their body, and move beyond their obstacles. Dr. Kristin Spark, ND has a special interest in treating digestive and hormonal health conditions, and loves to work with active and motivated individuals ready for change.


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