Nutrition plays a critical role in health, and Verdure’s nutritionists provide realistic options for optimal health. Nutrition services assess the clients’ overall health, individual preferences, dietary requirements, and specific health goals and medical conditions. 

Holly Bradich nutritionist BSc.


Holly Bradich

Melanie Thomas RNCP nutritionist


Melanie Thomas

Nutrition Consulting

An in-depth assessment of your goals and health history helps our nutritionists to create a tailored treatment plan that is specific for you!

Food and dietary counselling, lifestyle changes and specific vitamin and supplement recommendations are also included.

Meal Planning

Stay on track and achieve your health goals with a customized nutrition meal plan, created just for you. Our nutritionists discuss your food preferences, likes and dislikes, cooking skill level, dietary restrictions or specialty and/or medical diets.  A structured 7-day plan with recipes for meals and snacks, as well as a grocery shopping list are provided.

Nutrition Packages

Dive deeper and stay accountable by purchasing a nutrition package. Our packages save your money and help you stay motivated and accountable while working towards your health and wellness goals. A number of packages are available from our nutritionists to serve your needs.

Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivities are increasingly common. Food sensitivity testing can be a valuable tool for many  health conditions. Verdure’s nutritionists offer a variety of food sensitivity testing options to suit your needs. We have options available for pediatrics, children and teens and adults.


The iris of the eye can tell us a lot about our health. Iridology looks deeper at the iris to uncover more about your health and wellness. Currently this service is offered by Melanie Thomas, RNCP, ROHP.

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