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Initial Visit Naturopathic Medicine – Adult (Remedies Route)

Initial Naturopathic Medicine visit for all patients ≥7 years of age (Child Naturopathic Medicine Initial Visits: <7 years of age), open to the use of multiple remedies as part of their
care plans. (Up to 90 minutes)

Initial Visit Naturopathic Medicine – Child (<7 yoa)

Initial Naturopathic Medicine visit for all children <7 years of age. (Up to 60 minutes)

Initial Visit Naturopathic Medicine – Adult (Non-Remedies Route)

Initial Naturopathic Medicine visit for all patients ≥7 years of age (Child Naturopathic Medicine Initial Visits: <7 years of age), looking to utilise naturopathic modalities such as body work, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, lifestyle, and nutrition, without the use of remedies (natural health products). (Up to 90 minutes)

Forward Wellness Follow-up Visits

Health building, reassessment opportunities. Treatment plans are updated to reflect the new updated status of health, to continue to offer patients congruent forward wellness support in moving their wellness forward.

Acupuncture Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine informed supportive acupuncture treatments for current patients.

15 Minute Complimentary Discovery Visit – Over the Phone

Complimentary, no obligation, visit-for non-patients. This is an opportunity to talk with the doctor, over the phone, to find out more. Dr. Janessa, ND, will call you!

TFWFC – Coming Soon!

The Forward Wellness Foundations Code (TFWFC) is a wellness educational program that bridges the gap for the woman who wants to feel healthier to making that a reality with the holistic wellness foundations, so that in supporting how her body works, physiologically, she is better equipped, energised, and empowered to show up in a purpose driven aligned way for herself and others!

About Janessa

Dr. Janessa, ND recognizes that there’s more to health and wellness than simply improving quality of life and increasing longevity; she recognizes the significant link to purpose. That
is, how the state of your health can have bearing on the truly important, really big things of life.

Dr. Janessa, ND strives to honour her patients’ systems in their inherent ability to be well and to heal (The Vis Medicatrix Naturae), through coming alongside physiology, as to not get
in its way, but to instead offer the support it needs. Through the naturopathic principles of Doctor As Teacher and that of Preventative Medicine, she advocates for the support of this
inherent wisdom of the body to heal through also addressing lifestyle factors that are getting in its way.

From a serving posture of awe and humility, Dr Janessa, ND, recognizes the complexity of the body and its interconnectedness – how areas don’t function in isolation, but instead
communicate with other areas of the body. Her holistic assessment regularly includes the additional assessment lens of bioenergetic assessment and testing. Together with the other
customary assessment pieces such as the comprehensive health intake forms, health intake discussion, focused physical exam, and laboratory testing when warranted, leveraging this
additional assessment aspect of bioenergetic assessment and testing allows Dr. Janessa, ND to bring more contextual clarity to how the puzzle pieces of a patient’s unique health
picture come together and it also affords her the opportunity to further refine individualised care for patients.

Dr. Janessa, ND has a keen enthusiasm for continual learning, discovery, and growth! In addition to her formal post secondary education of a Bachelor of Science degree in Honours
Kinesiology with a Pre-Health Professions Option, from the University of Waterloo, and her four year Doctor of Naturopathy degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
(CCNM), she’s also successfully completed the American Polarity Therapy Association approved five hundred and forty-four hour Level 1 Polarity Therapy Professional Training
Program (Associate Polarity Practitioner (APP) education, training, and examination), and training in Craniosacral and Biotherapeutic Drainage.

Drainage is heavily relied upon within the remedies route of working with Dr. Janessa, ND. Drainage supports physiology in functioning as it should; one of those primary ways it does this is in supporting those exit avenues of the body. Drainage recognizes that in order to be well, the body’s exit avenues, that is the ways in which it rids itself of waste need to be working sufficiently. This waste is both metabolic waste from day-to-day physiological processes and from waste we take in from our environment that has no business being in the body (toxicity). Like a team sport, each of the remedies within drainage has its own role to play, and they work together to move your wellness forward.

Dr. Janessa, ND also uses hands-on treatment when working with patients and Traditional Chinese Medicine informed acupuncture treatments. Her special interests include resolving
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptoms, so patients no longer have to panic to urgently find a washroom to rush to, aren’t contending with bloating on the regular, and are getting
their gut health back on track! She also loves children and has so much fun working with them!

Dr. Janessa, ND is honoured to get to play a part in supporting the health and wellness of her patients, and truly enjoys working with those who are not just interested in a quick fix, but
are ready to make sustainable changes.



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