Mood and Behaviour

Organic acid urine testing looks at specific biological markers and acid metabolites in urine. Organic acid testing looks assesses for energy production and mitochondrial function, gut health and the microbiome balance, and also neurological function. 

Organic acids tell us how our body is making energy by looking at the mitochondrial function. Clinical links to mitochondrial dysfunction are seen in children with ADHD, ADD, and Autism.

Organic acids tell us what bacteria and yeasts are residing within the human microbiome, and clinical links to dysbiosis and autism, mood imbalances, and behavioural problems are found in literature.

Organic acids tell us if there is a difficulty in producing adequate and balanced amounts of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which are critical in regulating mood, and are implicated in cases of mental health, depression and anxiety.  

This testing requires at home urine sampling, and can be quite helpful for identifying problems with mood, attention, and behavioural difficulties.

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