At Verdure we know the importance of taking charge of your hormonal health to feel your best and optimize your health. 

We offer a variety of medical and functional testing options.

Saliva, blood serum, and urinary testing are all available.

Our hormone testing options include:

  • Blood hormone testing 
  • Blood thyroid panel
  • Adrenal health testing
  • Urinary metabolite testing

Blood hormone testing

This testing is useful for those looking to understand more about their hormonal health, support through menses and menopause, fertility awareness, and infertility. This hormone testing is also useful for looking at other hormones such as testosterone, insulin, and DHEAs levels.

Sex Hormone & Adrenal Urinary Metabolite Testing – the DUTCH Test

The DUTCH test is a unique comprensive urinary metabolite test that measures not only sex hormone levels, but also their metabolites as well as adrenal hormones.

This is clinically relevant as adrenal hormones have a direct influence on sex hormones.

Melatonin and organic acids are also measured to give Dr. Spark a complete picture of hormone and neurotransmitter levels and metabolism. 

Blood thyroid testing

Thyroid testing includes a full spectrum of the thyroid function including thyroid hormone levels, antibody levels, and other important markers for function of the thyroid gland. 

Adrenal health testing

Adrenal health testing options include blood, saliva cortisol, and urine adrenal assessment. The specific type of testing required depends on individual needs.

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