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Melanie Thomas, CNP, RNCP, ROHP



Food Sensitivity & Nutritional Evaluation – Initial

Using a combination of personal health history, current symptomatology and food sensitivity testing Melanie will analyze:

  • up to 600 different foods and food combinations
  • possible pathogenic imbalances: specific strains of bacteria, yeasts and parasites
  • possible nutrient imbalances or deficiencies
  • organ health
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Food Sensitivity & Nutritional Evaluation – Follow-up

Building on your previous sessions Melanie will continue to work with you to help resolve your current symptoms and achieve your personal health goals!

A Follow-up Nutritional Evaluation is well-suited to continue working on long-term goals, adjust supplement protocols, or address new health concerns.

    Food Sensitivity & Nutritional Evaluation – Child’s Initial

    Melanie with children as young as newborns using a non-invasive approach to test for food sensitivities and other concerns.

    Using a combination of health history, current symptomatology and food sensitivity testing, Melanie may analyze:

    • foods and food combinations
    • possible pathogenic imbalances
    • possible nutrient imbalances or deficiencies

    Melanie will work with you to help resolve your child’s current symptoms and, if possible, address any health concerns.

    Iridology Session

    During an Iridology assessment Melanie will take a photo of each Iris with a camera, (if possible do not wear contact lenses to this appointment).  Melanie may use a flashlight and magnifier in conjunction with the camera.

    Melanie will use physical and emotional Iridology techniques to:

    • assess constitution, which indicates your genetic heritage of inherent strengths and weaknesses, both physical and mental including the ability to resist illness and disease, how quickly you heal, and the level of pain tolerance
    • discuss your personality profile and gifts based on a variety of markings found in the iris
    • examine markings, discolourations, textures and other iris manifestations corresponding with the health of major organs and tissues
    • explore possible emotional or fears based on iris markings to help facilitate healing and growth

    Physical and emotional health challenges, balancing lifestyle activities, supplementation, exercise, and food choices will be discussed.

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    About Melanie

    I am always researching and continuing my education to better serve my clients. I am well equipped to use a variety of tools and knowledge to guide my clients along the path to optimal health!

    I have always been a nurturer; whether it was raising two daughters, or during my 22 years as a child care provider. Fostering an emotionally supportive, intellectually stimulating and nutritionally nourishing environment has consistently been at the centre of my life for as long as I can remember.

    After seeking help from my doctor for what he deemed “normal, age-related symptoms”, I felt unsatisfied with that explanation and began questioning conventional paradigms. I soon sought the advice of an alternative health practitioner. Armed with new insights into pathogenic interference, previously unrecognized food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies I was able to begin taking control of my own health. In a short time, I saw tangible improvements in those “age-related” symptoms. My health and attitude were more vibrant than ever!

    I spent years reading and learning all I could, until coming to what now seems an obvious conclusion: to take this passion and knowledge to the next level I would need to return to school.

    I did just that, graduating from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition with First Class Honours. I began my career with Basic Bulk and Natural Foods where I used my training to help folks identify their own previously unidentified food sensitivities, pathogenic interference and nutrient deficiencies. I moved with them as they re-branded to become Healthoholics Wellness Centre, while growing my practice to include additional laboratory testing when needed. 

    Most recently I have joined the team at Verdure Wellness Clinic where I expect to continue to work not only one on one with clients, but to offer workplace wellness opportunities, lunch and learns and community seminars.

    Over the years, in addition to having completed training in Energy Medicine, Iridology and Electro-dermal Screening, and completing many continuing education hours in Clinical Detoxification, Nutrition and Mental Health, Supplementation in Clinical Practice, Understanding Lab Diagnostics, Hormones and Endocrinology, I have also honed my skill at interpreting symptoms as a part of the holistic picture. 

    Working alongside my clients and witnessing their successes is the most rewarding part of my work. I would love to help you reach your goals and return to health too!


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