Health Assessment

During your appointment a thorough intake is required to assess the whole person and the many aspects of health that contribute to wellness and disease. This part of the diagnostic process. 

Through conversation Dr. Spark, ND will determine which factors are important parts of your health history and how they have contributed to your current health concerns. Your health goals and medical concerns are heard and are addressed.

Objective measures such as diagnostic questionnaires, and physical medical examinations (such as blood pressure testing) are used to assist in a diagnosis and to guide treatments. 

Dr. Spark, ND uses testing to assist in achieving a diagnosis, support health conditions and find optimal wellness. Routine blood chemistry is commonly used to look deeper (anemia, blood sugar, hormone levels, liver function, etc.).

Functional tests such as food sensitivity testing, urinanalysis and urine hormone metabolite testing, as well as stool and comprehensive digestive analysis are commonly used as well.

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