“Weight loss resistance” is the stalling, or plateauing you may experience when you’re actively trying to lose weight. When you’re trying, but you can’t. 


It can be really frustrating to feel like you’re not reaping the rewards of your weight loss efforts. There are a number of health reasons why you may be stuck with weight loss which are important to discuss, and often are brushed aside and blamed on poor nutrition and body shaming. 


Some of the common causes of weight loss resistance are:

    Adrenal gland: high cortisol causes belly fat weight gain and low cortisol slows metabolism leading to weight gain.

    Hypothyroidism: your thyroid is the master of your metabolism. Even “normal blood tests” can still be problematic. Adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid often occur together.

    Sex hormone imbalances: high estrogen and low testosterone. Extremely common due to toxins, use of birth control, stress and excess body fat.

    Gut microbiome dysbiosis: gut bacteria harvest calories from your food and impact inflammation and blood sugar levels, which all affect metabolism.

    Muscle mass: cardio is great, but resistance exercise is the star of metabolism. Muscle burns more calories at rest than fat.

    Insulin and blood sugar imbalances: increase inflammation, belly fat, high cholesterols, and promote fat gain  


    What are the testing options for weight loss resistance?


    Blood testing: There are plenty of blood tests that can be run by Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario, which include hormones, blood sugars, insulin, thyroid, and adrenal. 


    Saliva hormone testing: This may be best for someone who is using certain hormone replacement therapy, or for assessing adrenal function. 


    Urine testing: Comprehensive urinary hormone can assess adrenal and hormone levels, and metabolites. This testing may be best for complex hormonal cases where blood testing may not offer enough detail. 


    Stool testing: A variety of options can be used to assess the microbiome, metabolism, inflammation, food sensitivities, and parasites. 


    Naturopathic Doctors can order testing and use clinical assessment to determine the best way to support your metabolism and help you reach your goals.


    Addressing the Root Cause

    There are three main tools that we use to address the root causes of weight loss resistance: 

    1. Nutritional recommendations: specific to your condition, and personal requirements
    2. Dietary supplements: always professional lines, third party tested, evidence based
    3. Herbal treatments: standardized extracts, evidence-based 


    A protocol is designed specific to your needs.

    We support you on your mission to feel confident in your skin, and we offer solutions to weight loss resistance that fit into your lifestyle. 


    Hit your health goals faster.

    Book a session with Dr. Kristin Spark ND, to learn more about your metabolism, & get to the root cause of your weight loss resistance. 

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